R D Models

Auto layout Lifting

lifting up the middle part / central podium of the project to show the ground floor amenities, lifting setup is controlled by the tablet 

This setup is indigenously developed by the RD model

Double Floor Lifting

Terrace and first-floor lifting in a villa project, after the lifting we can easily see the internal layout of the project with the furniture

This setup is indigenously developed by the RD model

individual light controlling system

we can be able to control all the flats/units individually by the tablet and Application. one by one

This setup is indigenously developed by the RD model

Landscaping elements detail

we are the largest manufacturer of model landscaping elements. we are not dependent on any import. where many model makers are still dependent on the imported plastic products

Floor suction pull out

we can be able to do this type of floor section pull out in a high-rise building model



working Lift In the Model

the very precisely developed and very interesting part is, lifts are moving realistic and taking stoppages at floor level randomly

Working screens

We are able to place working screens in the model, where models look the model more realistic and interactive

Moving car in model

we can be able to move the car automatically this setup is also indigenously developed by the rd models. in the above clip, you can see the installation of the setup through a transparent sheet ( in the actual model road will show as it is )